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beer jellies

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i am just wondering if anyone has made beer jellies before.

i am doing a beer theme night and have been challenged to use different beers in every course!!


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Ive eaten it, but never made it myself. I imagine beer and gelatin should make you a jelly, bit of sugar too if you want it sweeter.

Could make a beer sorbet if it's a hot day..

Are you after ideas for the other meals or do you have some already?

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cheers i have most of the other dishes sorted. beer chicken pasta is one and bread .


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Have you thought about stout braised short ribs?  Hop ice cream? cheddar ale soup?

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looking for flavour to go with stout in a jelly have used blackberrys and sugar but it still to bitter.

has anyone used stout to make jelly before?

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Look towards a fruit infused Ale...Try a Lambic, peach or raspberry.  You could also use a hard cider the american brands are a lot sweeter 

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i have found if i mix stout with damson wine, it take the bitterness away.

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try mixing stout with a little pomegranate molasses, or agave syrup


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try with the fruit but add a pinch of salt along with the sugar it might cut out the bitterness. Also maybe something like a porter instead of a stout? just a thought i havent done too much with beer in cooking. are you using geletain or agar agar? 

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Corona with lime jello. Hogaarden witth lemon jello. Wheat beer with orange jello.

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Look to your local Irish pub for inspiration!  They have been getting away with putting blackcurrant syrup in Guinness for ages...will definitely take the bitterness down...other pub-inspired ideas... a "shandy" version...half sprite and half beer, might be a little more palatable..., or a "snakebite"...essentially beer and cider mixed.  Straight Magner's gelled sounds delicious to me...or might be cool to gel a black and tan in two colors...okay now this is just getting crazy...

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