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Retirement home wages

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Interviewing for a kitchen position at a retirement home in Southwestern Ontario area.

Seeking advice on the inevitable question of "What wage do you expect?".

I am Red Seal certified and in the foodservice industry for over 25 years.

Thanks for any general guidelines on wage expectations for full time job.

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What position?

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Chef.  Menu planning, food prep, ect.

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How many cooks do you have, are you in charge of purchasing?

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Oh and how many residents

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4 cooks, 6 part timers. Not in charge of purchasing.  About 125 residents.

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If you have any fine dining experience I wouldn't take the job, Probably won't get more than 35k a year if your lucky if not they might make you hourly. But if you are intent on taking the job ask for 40k and see where it goes.

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Thanks for the info and advice. Will see what happens this week.

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what happened? I work in a home and make $50+ with more residents than you would have.

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I took the job and have been there for about 3 months. There are over 300 residents. Wages around $40k.

Not too sure if this is the industry for me. Just haven't figured out if it is the crazy people I work with or the job itself.

Job routines are all changing so will see what the next few months brings.

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who are you working for?

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