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Calculating food for an event

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I am planning on cooking for a biker rally Memorial Day weekend. The event will be 5 days. Last year the attendance was 30,000 people. I was thinking of doing 3 different types of cajun sausages on a stick, grilled. I am wondering how many of each sausage would I need to purchase? I am not sure how to calculate quantities for an event that has a possible 30,000 person turn out. The town is allowing 10 vendors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I guess it depends on how much you are planning to put in your budget and how much you're going to sell the sausages. How many sausages do you expect to sell?

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How many can you sell an hour? That is the answer you need to know. You can only produce "X" amount per day regardless of attendance #'s

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My grill will accommodate 126 sausages at a time and the sausages are smoked. I'm guessing I can cook about 750ish sausages an hour if I just kept sausages going non stop. Thank you for your input. 

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How many is the question.......

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Can you serve 750 an hour?, No.....How long does it take to serve one customer from start to finish? 

You have to get their order from them, get their money and give them their food. How long does this take?????


I have a mobile unit and do events with it, I know how much I can produce in one day out of that kitchen, regardless of attendance.

If I were doing your event, I would be buying food sufficient to produce my max $$ amount in a day, regardless of the estimated 30,000 attendance.


I am assuming that this is your first event of this type, otherwise you would not be here looking for answers.

A five day festival is not the type of thing to pop your cherry on.

What type of set up will you have? How will you keep food cold, where will you get supplies,  wash dishes, how will you power everything, where will you get fuel, how many employees will you need? How many hrs a day are you expected to be there? Who's collecting the $$ and not robbing you blind?

Where will you stay if you are out of town? What is the cost of the event for you to get in? Do you have the proper insurance?


Just a few of the things to think about when doing an event like this.

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I'd look at what the others are doing, if you can do a beverage that generally has a great return.

*can you get more product, quickly?

* do you have a space to prep? cut/skewer?

* do you have a plan for what to do with overages?


My learning curve happened at a Women's Art Opening....5000 people, 5 hours......the event took 40%

So, I chose chambord mouse in a snobinette chocolate cup with a raspberry on top.  Awesome. 

cost me 75 cents each


So charged $2 each.


The group opted to have "free food tables"....are you friggin' kidding me? So free snacks were available.

I had 4 of us pre make hundreds of these tasty treats, just to be ready.....

the people that showed up were poor starving artists.  The ones that loved them bought a bunch but that was not many.  I ended up with $750 loss.  They froze but were only good for us to personally consume.  AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHH.  That was a quick harsh learning curve.


Know your clients, know the logistics, know what else is being served, know timing, know your costs/returns.....


cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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