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Hello I'm the newbie on the block. Can't wait to swap and share cooking recipes and ideas with 'yall!

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Hello and welcome to Cheftalk.


By your greeting, can I assume you are from the southern states of the USA?  We have a lot of members from that neck of the woods, although our membership is global (I'm Scots, for instance!) and all levels of culinary ability, from the 'can't boil water' brigade, to masterchefs and all points in between.  I consider myself in the 'very enthusiastic amateur' camp!


The wikis, articles, reviews and photography on the site give much inspiration and are well worth spending time to view.  The Professional fora are read-only for those of us who are not presently employed in a culinary capacity, but still make interesting reading.  Feel free to join in on any other forum's topics, or start your own.


Hope to see you around the boards.

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Oh yes I'm from the south alright...but a little bit lower than the USA, (I'm based in Australia!). Thanks for your tips!

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Surely you should have used 'G'day', not 'Y'all'????!!!    biggrin.gif


I love Australia.  Visit family there every couple of years.  This year is their turn to come here - and then we return in Spring (UK spring, not Aussie spring!) 2013.

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