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Lunch Items

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Hello All,


I am currently working on a project to grow our lunch business and also create a "cookbook" of sorts for our chefs to utilize when developing lunch features. As I'm sure many of you know that lunch is a whole different animal than dinner business. So I wanted to ask for some advice on how to approach this.


  • We are looking at keeping it very value driven between $11-$15
  • Looking to utilize comfort food techniques like casseroles, grilling, stir-fries, etc.
  • Seafood is the main component of our menu.
  • Quick ticket time recipes/items



If any Chefs out there have encountered this area before and have some insight on this topic, it would be greatly appreciated.



Thank you!





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Fish rillet with toast i guess call them crisps or croutons for starter or use the same meat on a salad of sorts? maybe tuna with balsamic sesame base or orange balsamic? 


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