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the right knife for me

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hi i am wondering if ye could help me, i am looking for a knife for myself, i want something similar in quality to the dick premier plus knives, i have a 10 inch of this but it is too big and heavy, would also prefer a thinner blade, ANY help or suggestions you guys have would be great, i work as a chef and am also a student, i use a seven inch victorinox knife at the min and find the lenght very good but the steel not great for holding its edge. thanks

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Budget? Access to various stores/internet preferences? I notice you're in Ireland so many of the sources I recommend might be problematic for import costs.


Tell us a bit more, particularly about budget.

Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
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well i have a credit card and access to the internet, budget is not really an issue, if i feel its the right knife for me i am willing to spend the money on it, i am in my last year at college and love my job so i will spend the money on a knife that will make it easier/more enjoyable,

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You may want to consider if they have a product that you like - I just got two knives from there and their international shipping from Japan is $7, which is pretty great (I'm in Canada), and I didn't have to worry about duty either because of the way they shipped. I can't even get domestic shipping for that price. I've read around here that making returns with them can be difficult, so that might knock them down the podium a little, but worth a look.

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yeah i had a look at them thanks, i was thinking of getting a shun knife, what would be the verdict on that?? or do ye have any other suggestions for me? 


thanks again

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Lighter and thinner -- just about any Japanese gyuto. It would really help a lot if you could nail down your budget. I don't want to discuss ten knives if only three of them would be suitable.

I don't recommend Shun or Glolbal chef's knives, each for its own reasons. Most of what I don't like about Shun chef's is their horrible, exaggerated German profile. Also, they run thick at the heel; are chippy especially when they're new, and their advertising is pure BS. Lastly, I don't like any "san-mai" knives because they feel numb to my hand; but hasten to add that's a minority view -- about 30% notice the difference, and about 70% of those are bothered by it, while the remainder don't care.

A consequence of their Cromova 18 alloy, Globals deform easily -- and need as much steeling as any European knife. You can get them adequately but not extremely sharp. They're thick. A lot of people don't like their handle. I actually like Global chef's for their profile and agility; but their poor edge taking and holding properties, and need for maintenance mean there there are many better knives for the same price so I don't recommend them.

At around the same price (more or less) as those two, I usually recommend either the MAC Pro or Masamoto VG. The Kagayaki CarboNext is a very good knife, and an excellent value as well -- but is notorious for arriving with a horrible edge. If so, you should either be a very good sharpener going in, or have access to someone who can completely profile a knife.

The Masamoto VG and CarboNext are both available from JCK a seller who's expert at keeping taxes and duty down. I believe the MAC is available from UK sources. Why not google them and do a little research and get back to us with some more thoughts?

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sorry it took so long to reply, my budget is prob up to around 150-200 euro, i have looked at the vg gyuto and like the profile of it with the lower tip, ive never had a japanese knife, is sharpening and care the same? or have you any other suggestions along the same line as the vg series, and what is your opinion on the scallops/dimples in chefs knives? thanks for all the advice so far


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