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Oregon Culinary Institute

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I am trying to find feed back on OCI from either current students or graduates. I am seriously considering attending but am trying to find information on employment rates upon graduation. What kind of jobs do people get when they graduate and their personal experience while attending.  

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I came to OCI pretty young, with no culinary experience at all, and left with a job offer from the restaurant I did my internship at. I started classes in April of 2010, and finished my last management course in June of 2011, and while that doesn't seem like a long time, you are learning a LOT. The quick pace and the flexibility of the instructors is what really kept me focused.


I ended up taking the job at my internship, which is a higher-end, white-tablecloth type restaurant. They put me in pantry, which is pretty much an entry-level station, since I'd never had a job in a restaurant before. After about five months of that, they decided to promote me to the line, right before the holiday rush. It was a trial by fire, but I pulled through by pretending it was just like a live-fire back at school. ;) Now that the holidays are over, I'm taking some time to cross-train on different stations. Not too bad for being in the industry only nine months.


I couldn't give you solid numbers on employment rates, but I can tell you out of the 16 people in my graduating class, every last one of them either found a job, or got hired on at their externship. They all worked hard, they all practiced, and they put all their effort into making OCI work for them, and it payed off.

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