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Hello all!

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Hello all!


My name is Michael, and I have just started an apprenticeship as a chef here in Perth, WA.

I work in a small Mexican restaurant that is currently talk of the town :P I was originally a bartender, but I worked the Dishpit in the kitchen for 2 weeks whilst they found staff. The Head chef at the time was worn out from all the questions I kept asking (Why are you adding the oil in to the mayonaise while its blending? Why has the fish in the Cervice turned white?), and offered me the apprenticeship. He since left and I am studying under a fantastic chef with experience in fine dining.


So here I am, to make new friends, to learn new things and to talk to like minded people!



Michael (SidOsol)

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G'day, Michael.  Australia is one of my favourite countries to visit!  It's been 20 years or more since I visited your city, but I have rellies there.

Most of my family are in NSW, ACT and Melbourne.


Hope you will join in the conversations on the site - feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting, or start your own in the relevant forum.

The three professionals only fora are worth visiting, but please don't restrict your posts to those fora - as those of us who are only amateurs can read-only in those fora!


The wikis, articles, photographs and reviews are all well worth spending time to view.


Hope to see you around the site!

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