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HI, I'm Amelia blank a current student at Columbus Culinary Institute. I am a senior and have been looking for internships or externships in the cleveland area that I could start at on March 26th. I have my college experience and high school experience too where I became servsafe certified and learned how to do all positions in the front and the back of the house.  I may not have much experience but I am really eager to learn and finish my schooling with any kind of culinary internship/externship you can give me.


Also I am not able to get cleveland because I have no car here in columbus to where I go but I will have rides when I would go to my externship in cleveland because I would be living at actual home. So if there anyway something can be transfered from columbus to anywhere of the area by Cleveland and interview where I am or online it would be appreciated but I do hope to have an experience from any of the externships on here. Thanks for reading.


Amelia Blank

Chef Apprentice at Columbus Culinary Institute