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Don Jose's Salsa ???

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Hi all, it has been a while since my last thread, I have been learning a new hobby woodworking, more costly but easier on the waist line.

When we lived in So. Calif I frequently went to Don Jose's Mexican restaurant, they were a successful Mex sit down restaurant chain throughout So calif, they had a fantastic chip salsa, basically a salsa fresca style very red but I think they used canned diced tomatoes (not sure). This salsa was so good, it was sweet first taste and the tangy bite of heat on the end. I have tried to make it but can't seem to get close.

If anyone knows the recipe for Don Jose's salsa that they used to put on the table with chips as soon as you sat down, please post it.

Below is the basic Salsa Fresca recipe I use a lot.

2 - Plum tomatoes
2/3 - small white onion
3 - cloves of garlic
5 - sprigs of cilantro
2- tbsp of lime
1- jalapeno (1/3 for mild, 2/3 for med, whole for hot)
salt to taste, approx 1/2 tsp

All finely chopped, leave it coarse and it is pico de gallo
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Below is a pic showing their salsa, it is not a pico de gallo type, notice how bright red it is, and when you dip it it is mostly crushed tomatoes that come with the chips & onions, it is so sweet.
A few months ago I was at a party, and this gal made salsa that had a taste very similar to the Don Jose's, I begged for the recipe, she said she would send it to the party host (my daughter in-law). I did get the recipe from my daughter-in-law, however I knew it was not the same, it was a simple recipe using canned tomatoes, and it wasn't close.

Using canned tomatoes, all the local grocery stores have brands that use citric acid, and that flavor is too strong. I need to get a can of 6 n 1 crushed tomatoes, it is one of the only brands I know of that isn't processed with citric acid. It is sweet tasting with a rich tomato flavor. BTW this product is fantastic for pizza sauce, right out of the can or add a little olive oil and some fresh garlic.
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