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Leaving the industry, pursing a new passion!

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I just went back into the industry, and after 3 days want out
I don't even know why. I was really excited about the job at first, and then nothing.

When cooking was a challenge, it was fun. Now it just became another boring job.  I lost my passion for this profession and am considering doing something else.
There is also the factor of, on my break from the industry, I worked for my self on my time off, and had no one over my head. That was something I enjoyed. Being a personal chef is what I did. My menu, my time, my schedule, etc  .Another thing is when you leave the industry. You get spoiled by having weekends, seeing your friends and family, holidays, etc.
The whole irony comes when this lady, whom I told that I want to do something else, told me that if I do anything else, it would be a waste of talent. 

I am now considering going into some sort of farming, picking wild herbs, herbal tea,  and edible plants. Don't ask, I still have no clue, but the idea kind of grew on me a bit.
Or just another career. Something, new and unexplored.  Like, uhhhhhhhhhh, how about opening up a farmers market, selling organic and local.  I know a bit about farming, every single fruit and vegetable,protein, etc...... and could tell people how to cook it in the best way. Give them my phone number if they need know?

I know for a fact, that every chef that has left the industry, from time to time considers going back,  as the great Marco Pierre White put it, "like a boxer that has put his gloves away, still dreams of entering the ring one more time" . 


Life will unravel in its best way, I hope, for everybody and my self. And if I leave this industry, I will miss it, but not because of the industry, cooking, food, adrenalin blah blah.

But for I will miss the people, that I have met along the way. 



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I can understand how you feel, over the past 3 years I have done quite a bit of private chef work and some small projects where im the head. It has been the hardest thing to fall back into the line and being under someone else. I know my mindset has been really similar to what your describing a lot. I wish you the best. 

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