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Hi everyone:


I'm a newbie here and have been going nuts searching the Web trying to find which type of material is best for a chess board. My husband loves his cheeses and I got tired of him slicing and dicing them on the counter top. I purchased him a stainless steel one with a slicer but it pretty much sucks. Besides, I'm the lucky one who gets to clean the darn thing.


Anyway, I've been looking at marble "cheeseboards" which I have recently found out that they are pastry boards. Since he buys fairly big blocks of cheeses, he needs a decent size board (I was looking in the 12 x 18 range). I've read up on so many materials that it's making my head spin.


I just bought him a MAC cheese knife for X-mas and I want to get him a nice cheese board to go with it and something that can also be used to serve the cheese on for a party. I have a small bamboo cutting board for his everyday use, but I don't know if that is good thing healthwise for him, the knife, and the board.


Any one have any suggestions out there for me?  I'd like the keep the price under $100.


And I'm curious about something, what is the dome for with some of the cheeseboards...except to keep insects away???


Thanks!  I'd really appreciate the help.