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Being asked for a restaurant recommendation, is always a sheer pleasure for me, and thus, I am going to post a quick few in The U.S.A. that I have been to within the last 2 to 3 years ... ( I am working on the Northwestern European version and a Caribbean - Mexico and South American ).


1) Great Falls, Virginia:  L´Auberge Chez Francois


This country French farmhosue is a superb formula for a special occasion.


2) Newport, Rhode Island: Castle Inn


Perched on top of a rocky promontory, the property of the restaurant and hotel spans eight acres overlooking the Atlantic. The sunsets, a walk along the beach, winter, spring, summer or autumn ... and the cuisine provide a lovely time.


3) Rancho Santa Fe, California:  Rancho Valencia Hotel & Restaurant


Located in northern San Diego, set admist 40 acres of stunner typography, this is an awesome place to spend a weekend and / or to go for dinner or lunch.


4) Washington D.C.:  Restaurant Komi


5) Portland, Oregon: Le Pigeon


6) Seattle, Washington: Crémant


7) San Francisco, California:  Canteen


8) Manhattan ( N.Y.C.) : Little Owl  ( cosy lovely spot and reasonable prices )


9) Chapel Hill, North Carolina:  Bonne Soirée


10) Chicago: Scylla ( named after the Greek Sea Monster )


11) Atlanta, Georgia: Restaurant Repast


12) Miami Beach: Tiramisu