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Home meat slicer

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Hoping for some help in choosing a new meat slicer from you folks if you would please.

I make quite a lot (for strictly home use and for friends/family) of bacon, pancetta, other sliceable meats each year and the old $60 Rival has always been a bear to work with for consistant results. I have no idea what to start looking for, my only criteria is that I'd like to keep it around the $200 dollar range. As I said, this is for home use, I have no way to recoup costs.

Thanks for the help.

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I have used a Waring Pro FS 150 slicer a good bit with good results.  google waring slicer for many listings.  The 150 sells for around 100 bucks. They also make a fs800 that sells for  about 150.  here is a link to warings description for the 800 I would compare it to the 150 and if the motor is more powerful (more amps or watts) it is probably worth the extra money.  The only limitation of these slicers for your use may be the blade size, thus the size of product you can cut.  good luck.


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