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I'm doing a project for school and i need to know who long it would take to go from dishwasher to line cook.

 please help ASAP!confused.gif



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It all depends on the situation and the person involved. I got my shot out of the dish room when the pantry person called in sick and took advantage of that opportunity. I worked the pantry for a couple of months until there was a vacancy on the line and instead of hiring outside the kitchen, I was very lucky to have the leadership that was willing to leave the opportunity in house.


In my experience, with good training and a team that is willing to give a hard worker the opportunity, less than a year. The person in question has to realize that when they are promoted to the lowest line cook position, they will be doing the worst prep work there is that nobody else wants to do. This is part of the learning experience. All the bad jobs of being on the line are far better than washing dishes though, a highly over-looked position in the kitchen that few can do in the efficient manner that most of us expect.

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