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"Hey Gang"!

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Hello everybody! Nice place you've got here. I am from Canada an  I have been a certified cook for 25 years, owned and operated my own place twice, one of those places was in Italy. I have managed other restaurants and worked as a line cook at a few more. I also have been a drummer all of my life and play  almost every weekend.  All that aside, I still love cooking at home. I really like classic cuisine, older homestyle, comfort food cooking like mama used to(and still doese) make.  I lke my spirits and brew, sometimes a little too much. Hoping to learn,and maybe even add something to this cooking forum.  See you around the boards.....

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Aloha and Welcome humble pie to Chef Talk, and yeah, you’re right this is a great place! 

I myself am but a home cook and look forward to what you have to bring to the table, as it were. 

As you have probably noticed, this place has all walks of life and some pretty interesting stuff. 

Make sure to check out the Galleries, Reviews and Articles if you haven’t already done so, they can be very thought provoking.  I know I have a great time here and I hope that you do too!

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Welcome! I love Italian cooking! I hope to someday find time to learn Italian vocabulary as it pertains to cooking so I can read authentic Italian recipes and convert them to Allergy free recipes with my own spin.

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