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There can't be an easier recipe than homemade salsa, right?  Then why does mine always seem to froth up in the blender, and has yet to come out with that nice, deep red coloring.   I've used everything from Heirlooms to Cherrys to Beefsteaks, and put my blender on "pulse".  Help!

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What are you putting in your salsa?

Using the blender is not your best bet. Do you have a food processor? use that, it will not liquify your tomatoes and won't add the additional air that a high speed blender will. Save that for the margaritas.

How about a simple pico de gallo?  Use fresh diced tomatoes, onion, jalapeno, cilantro, lime, s&p. That's it.


You want a pureed salsa, here's a good one.


12 tomatillos, charred on the bbq

3-4 jalapenos charred

1 onion cut in 3-4 slices, charred

 2 small cans stewed tomatoes, cilantro, lime juice, pinch of oregano,  pulse all in the processor until smooth,  s&p to taste.

(I used to use fresh tomatoes, but the quality is never consistant, so I started using canned)

I use this on fish tacos, and as a  base for other salsas, also great for chips!






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Thank you, Chef.  I use tomatoes, onion, cilantro, jalapeno or serrano, depending on the heat level I want, cilantro, fresh lime juice, and a little fresh garlic,s&p to taste.  I'm taking your advice for the canned tomatoes - you're totally right, way too much inconsistencies in fresh. My food processor finally went to a higher power about a month ago, budget's too tight for a new one right now.  That's why I've just been using "pulse". I can't wait to try your recipe, though, so thanks, again.

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Mexico has its salsas and the 38 regions of Spain have theirs, and they are quite different. Furthermore, each country in South America has their´s. The posted are Mexican and quite lovely.


If anyone wishes a Spanish style salsa, drop me a message on this thread. Thanks.

Have a nice Sunday.





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Thank you, Margaux.  I also love the cooking and salsas from New Mexico (especially any Quemada salsas).  If you have time in the next few days, I would really like maybe a favorite recipe you have for salsa, one that is served warm, preferably.  And do you have a great recipe for Paella?  I had a wonderful Paella in Spain several years ago, however my recipe doesn't bring out the flavors like that particular one did.  Any thoughts?  Thanks,


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I prefer my salsa chunky, so I cut my tomatoes by hand.  First I cut the tomatoes in half and use my fingers to remove the seeds and extra pulp.  Dice and then let drain a bit, add jalapenos, fresh garlic, cilantro, lime juice, salt, cumin and diced red onion and it is what my oldest daughter calls my salsa for special guests.

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