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New Bakware / Cookware!!!

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Hello Everyone,



I have invented and patented a 100% original and unique piece of bakeware / cookware and I was hoping to get some feedback on what you as Chef's (home or professional) think. Please see the YouTube link below and you will see how its works. There are 2 videos, one with cakes and one with multiple use. So, How would you layer?? and What else would you use it for??






Upkar Premraj

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If you have any shot at this you better hit up the Chicago Housewares show coming up March 10-13 try to get someone to market it for you..

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Thank you, I actually already have 2 large companies interested. I just wanted to do some due diligence and get some more feedback from the public. Did you like the product? and if so, how would you use it knowing its function?




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