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Any advice for a future chef?

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Hey guys! I'm new here and was just wondering if I could get some advice from some real chefs on what it takes to get far in the culinary world. I'm in my first year of college for culinary arts, though I did take two years at a vocational school in high school. That being said, I know I have the passion in the industry that I need to become a chef, but what other qualities would you consider necessary for a successful chef?

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There are some essential qualities that are basic to all fields: persistence, punctuality, efficiency, and drive. If you have those you will go far in any field. You want to be a "go getter" in this field? Then, apply yourself more than you could possibly imagine. Constantly learn. Constantly train. Constantly perform. Your goal is to be someone that stands apart. The ides is to be the person that everyone else wants to be. Don't be a suck up...don't be a teacher's pet...don't be a brown-nose. You need to be the best. Work hard. That's all it takes.

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