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Found a 2 burner Lodge CI grill/griddle at a yard sale a while back for... maybe $2-3.  People getting rid of camping stuff.  In petty good shape and only need minor cleaning up... unknown "seasoning".  Not like I need that kinda surface area often... just WANTED it.  Doesn't get used that often... my fault.  A few weeks ago, hadda haul it and bakiing sheets out from their storage area... between washer and dryer.  Bottom edge of grill/griddle had some rust on it... from lack of use and possible moisture from being right near washer??  Easy enough to clean up. 


Since then, it has been sitting on top of my stove.  Had a brainstorm... or just lost a few more marbles??  Diner/restaurant/fastfood flat tops... metal plate... most likely on top of gas flame of some sort, right?  Since it's not like I NEED all 4 burners... am experimenting.  Picked up some shrimp today... divied up into meal-sized packages to vac seal and freeze for later... had 6-8 left-over.  Put in small sauce pan, with generous amount of Old Bay.  Set pan on top of griddle and just turned on burner to cook them.  Kinda thought might end up with some smoke, but NO!  Thinking if I alternate burner use and flip whole thing, may be a way to keep out where I'll think to use it.  Since CI is pretty much "bullet-proof"... can't see that I could do any serious harm to it.


I know they make CI trivet-y thingies to put on burners... flame tamers, or something like that.   If I don't get the indication from people here that I have lost too many marbles, may have a great multitasker!