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ESCF Ferrandi Career Program in French Cuisine Sept 2012

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Hey Guys,


I've just got accepted into the Cuisine program at Ferrandi for the September 2012 term. I cannot wait to go!! And I am just wondering if anyone else here are going to the school for the same semester as me? I wanted to open a thread so we could talk about all the other things to prepare before we go! :)



Rita from Canada

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Hello, I am from Canada too, just wondering how much is the tuition to attend? Have you figured out living arrangements as well? Is there still room to apply?

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The tuition for the career program is 18000 euro. The fee includes the tools, the uniforms, and any school related field trips any ect. I am going this Sept so I haven't yet figure out living arrangements, but I have been searching. I think there's always room to apply but you might want to do it asap because there're many stuff to take care of after such as visa applications and loan applications. Good luck!

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I would like to have some information about this course like duration or if you can send me the link for the same.



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You've already been accepted?! congrats! I sent my application but haven't heard a peep from anyone! how long did it take for you to hear back??! I'm seriously a nervous wreck from the waiting, so anxious!!  I've been spying on the Feb 2012 group on Facebook lol, looks like they're having an amazing time and have found lots of things to do, and that has been at once reassuring and super exciting! When we get more people together maybe we should start a group there as well :)


anyway, my fingers and toes are all crossed and I hope i'll hear back reasonably soon! I look forward to talking more and sharing with everyone as we prepare to make this move...myself, I'm least excited about taking out a loan, eugh. Sometimes it sucks to not be independently wealthy. But, it all works out somehow I reckon! I know i'll be glad for any help when it comes to housing....I took french through university, so it happens that I'm really good at doing textbook french exercises, but actually speaking to a person is tres difficile lol, thus the most daunting bit is not FINDING a place, but how in the world i'm going to converse effectively enough to get what I want! I've been practicing up a storm though, and  I've been searching around some just to get an idea of what is available, but without any idea of the scale of the city and what neighborhoods are like, its hard to know if it's really a good place or not. Think I'll be one to arrange something temporary and then figure out the rest once I arrive.  Not sure there's anyway to prepare completely, you just gotta jump in and trust your ability to swim :)


I'm so glad you started this thread btw, its nice to see a name for at least one other person who will be joining me in Paris (hopefully!!!!) :) look forward to speaking more soon!!!


Jenny from North Carolina 

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You can find the information on the school's website


good luck!



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Hi Jenny,


Thanks! I sent my application at the end of January and got accepted at the end of Feb. I think I am pretty lucky to be able to get such a quick response from them.


When did you send your application? I really hope you also get the offer! Good Luck!! And perhaps we could help each other on moving to Paris!


Warm Regards,


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I have just been accepted into the Cuisine 2012 fall batch as well!


Am trying to get to know those who have been accepted, or plan to do the course in the Fall.


So, have created a facebook group @!/groups/404744219552186/


If anyone else sees this thread- please join so we can connect :)

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Hello I have also been accepted into the September French Cuisine program, and I can't wait to start. Can't wait to meet the everyone in Paris!


Oh and I am Canadian


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I got my reply! I was accepted as well!! Now I'm hovering somewhere in between excitement and panic.

Anyway, off to join Addiiee's FB page!

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Congratulations Cest Cheese1 and Jennyflop! Jenny thank you for joining. I hope we can get a lot more people, so we all know each other a little bit, before actually meeting at the course :)


Are you'll considering looking for a place now, or much later? I guess Im just paranoid. Have posted some websites a friend of mine gave me on the page. Hope it helps!


Rita...what about you..have you started looking? You seem to be one of the first few who've been accepted.



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hi guys ive been accepted to ferrandi for the sept 2012  batch too for the intensive cuisine program, got the acceptance letter a month ago , applying for visas now ....... very very excited , n yea i joined aiddee's fb group, would like to get to know yall better before actually getting there, n yes hows everyones french ? cos mines so - so 

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hi guys ive been accepted to ferrandi for the sept 2012  batch too for the intensive cuisine program, got the acceptance letter a month ago , applying for visas now ....... very very excited , n yea i joined aiddee's fb group, would like to get to know yall better before actually getting there, n yes hows everyones french ? cos mines so - so 

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Hey ashwin! Congratulations... :) I cant wait to go as well...I think i can leave tomorrow...hehe


My french is really rusty now, used to be pretty good...I could get around, now I dont think so :P


Anyone seen Mashav's blog? It has a wealth of info on ferrandi and her life there...will post it on the FB page after I get her permission



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Hello everyone I want to start by saying congrats to all of my fellow students. I can't wait to meet all of you in Paris!


In a response to Ashwin's question. My French is buried deep in my subconscious (I took seven years of immersion as a child). I really haven't spoken it since then except for the few times I have been in France. So to try to help revive my french abilities I have been watching my Simpson's DVDs in French instead of English tongue.gif. Hopefully I don't end up sounding like one of the characters.


In other news I was speaking with Inma this morning about housing. We should be receiving an e-mail in the next few weeks with information about housing.


I have a question for the other members from Canada. Have any of you received your acceptance package in the mail yet? I have not received mine.

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Well its good to know that i wont be the only one lost in translation! n for those of you waiting to get the acceptance letter in a hard copy , don't worry mine took a lot of time too, was beginning to worry it wasn gonna come at all. and aiddee thanks for starting the fb page, i checked out mashavs blog , loads of info on ferrandi n some general info on the life n restaurants to check out, has anyone started on their visa procedures ?


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So this is a bit of follow up to my last post. Today I decided to take a more serious approach to learning French and I came across this helpful article in the New York Times archives. It lists some of the various language learning programs that are available on the web.

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@ashwin - havent started the visa procedures as yet. I think we need to wait till 3 months before departure isnt it?


On french, I think im going to join one of those weekend batches at Alliance Francaise.

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@Addiee I have also been considering going to some of the Alliance Francaise classes. I hear they are very good



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hey all,


sorry i haven't been active on the thread, life's been busy!


i have been looking for accomondation for awhile now, it's hard to find a decent and affordable place in paris!


particular, the area (6th arr.) where ferrandi is located is very expansive. I have been hunting for flats in 3th, 4th, 15th and 16th.


perhaps it will work out better if we'd be roommates and rent together :)


ciao for now



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Hi Rita I have also been having a really hard time finding affordable accommodations, and I have practically given up on the 6th. I have been looking at the 14th 15th, 5th, and 7th, trying to keep to the left bank. What site have you been using to look for rentals? I have been using


I actually have a question for anyone else who has been accepted and has sent their first payment. Have any of you received confirmation of the payment's receipt yet? I sent mine a little bit ago and I have been having trouble confirming final receipt with anyone at the school.

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I've been using for apartment hunting.


I am not too sure about receipts. I have emailed them and they did confirm with me that they have received my payment. Maybe you should try that way.

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Hi Rita,


Thanks for the info. I actually realised this morning that a bunch of my e-mails weren't actually delivered but the fail notices ended up in my spam folder. That's probably why I haven't heard from them yet.


I originally looked at renting with Lodgis, but none of the Lodgis rentals qualify for student housing grants.  SUBMIT

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Hello Everyone,


I just got accepted to ESCFF as well, but the French Pastries program! I am stoked to get to France and meet some of yall. Alot of good info everyone and if I find anything I will share as well! Thanks and see you guys on September 4th!


Aj from TX

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Hi All,


Congrats on your acceptances so far! I'm from London, and I've been accepted for the Pastry program! :-D So thrilled.


I'm not on Facebook (may join just to keep up-to-date with the group), but if anyone wants to get in touch, my email address is dulechevitrine at gmail dot com


I look forward to meeting you all!

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Wow, congrats!  This thread is helping me think out of the box.  My wife is open to just about anywhere in the world (contingent on her finding a school to pursue her MFA painting/drawing) so now my wheels are turning.  I have never thought of France as a possibility for some reason...I guess the language barrier was nipping at me but obviously that's not a barrier given this new information.


It's cool to see you guys getting excited together! :D

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Hello and congrats to all the prepz who got accepted to the school. Btw i got some burning question to ask regarding the application to Ferrandi and i hope some kind soul could reply them. On its website, it states that in order to qualify for admission there is a need to submit 2 recommendation letters. As i don't have much working experiences and graduated from school for a few years already, (i doubt my teacher would still remember me)  producing this 2 recommendation letters would be tough for me :(. However i am really interested in applying for the school. So what i would like to know is when you guys applied, was it really necessary to produce these 2 recommendation letters?

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Hi Noobie,


Don't worry about getting recommendation letters from your school/ university. They could actually be from anyone, even your friends. I got one of mine from a colleague..I had cooked for him at some point..The second one was from a teacher at a pasta making class I had gone for.


It is necessary to give those recos. I suppose they use it just as a check for reference/ motivation. 


All the best!

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@ Zoebisch There is no better place than the Montmartre in Paris for artists :)

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Congrats Lechevitrine..See you on FaceBook, or in Paris :)

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