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Becoming a Chef

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Okay so I've grown up where everyone in my family cooks, mum's a chef, my brother's a chef, and my older brother cooks, and my dad's a cook. I've always enjoyed cooking mainly desserts and I wanted to be a chef for quite sometime, although my mum and my brother tells me that I wouldn't be able to enjoy it or handle it. I admit I can be lazy at times.

So I thought I'd wanted to be a Personal Trainer and a Nutritionist instead but since working at a fast food place kicked in my thoughts to be a chef really badly and ask my self how did I end up here when I could be at a restaurant. Also how my older brother is in magazines at indonesia as he runs a restaurant there.


I'm 18, and I'm asking you chefs there, what do you enjoy about your job and what do you dislike. And tips for becoing an apprentice and your experiences.



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You must love what you do.This is a self-disciplined  job there will never be some one to tell you to much salt or pepper.

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Originally Posted by chef1962 View Post

You must love what you do.This is a self-disciplined  job there will never be some one to tell you to much salt or pepper.

You do need love, as some say PASSION! but more so drive, it is a long grueling road to becoming a true chef, one that only ends where you want it to, there is a never ending path of learning and your only limited by what you push yourself to do.  The second part is not as true as you'd think, especially when you get into high levels of dining, trust me they will be telling you ALOT more then to much salt or pepper, they might thrown in where and when to breathe, when to blink, etc.  The kitchen life is a challenging one, but if you feel "called" to it and at the least you have a lot of experienced support. ie. your family.  you will at least be able to vent and gain insight from them.  


On a side note it's disappointing to me that your family as involved in the culinary path as they are, and if they know that's also what you want to do.. is being anything BUT supportive in your decision. 


All in all your young, try it out, see if its for you!  I am 24 and still "seeing" if this is really what I can see myself doing for the rest of my life...  the money is not great, the hours are brutal, time off is rare, the stress is immense, but I don't hate going into everyday, cause i am still learning and I know if it does turn out to be what I want, where I am at is a great place learn!

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It sounds like your family knows you quite well, understands what character traits and qualities one needs to have in order to be a chef, and they recognize that you simply don't possess those qualities.

If you have a propensity to "be lazy at times", you do NOT have what it takes to be a chef.  Do not even attempt it.  Don't try to prove everyone wrong - that's a horrible reason to get into the business, and it will have a disastrous ending for you.  Don't try to do it because it's what everyone else in your family does.  It's great to have dreams, but make sure to temper them with good doses of reality and research.

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