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Opportunity for Aspiring Chefs!

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Hi Chefs!


I am currently casting a new feel-good TV show for USA called "The Moment" about helping people get a second chance at their dream career. A couple careers in particular that we are looking at are private chef, pastry chef, and chocolatier.


We are very specifically looking for people living within 2 hours of LA who have some experience in the culinary arts but do NOT currently work in the industry due to varying circumstances. (It's alright if the person does some cooking here and there but their main source of income should be something other than being a chef)


Being in this field, I was wondering if you might know someone who would be a good candidate for this opportunity. This would be great for someone who had applied to work with you but did not have enough experience or someone who has gone through the program but has since left the industry.



Julie Knapp

Casting Associate

The Moment

YourDreamLifeCasting (at) gmail (dot) com


Have you or someone you know always dreamed of becoming a private chef, pastry chef, or chocolatier? Do you have the training to do so but have been unable to follow your dreams? Nominate yourself or your loved one for the opportunity of a lifetime by going to MysticArtPictures(dot)com and clicking “The Moment” to apply for our show!

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So this person is going to somehow skip up the ladder and get a chef job, despite never having done the entry level position or even having been a sous chef?

Could you explain how?

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Applicants are required to have experience. It is preferable for them to have gone to culinary school and/or have on the job experience as a chef. The show will give individuals who have since been derailed from their dreams a second chance.

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Oh, sorry I guess I didnt understand it the first time I read it.

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