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Top Chef Texas Winner.... Thoughts?

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I know many watched it, our family has been following TC since the early days.

Did you think the two finalist were the two best chefs in this years field?

Did you agree with the judge's decision declaring Paul Qui winner? OR did you think Sarah Grueneberg was the winner?

Did any of the Chef Talk pros learn any new technique or new application of an old technique?

How about dishes, anything inspire a CT pro to incorporate something similar in their restaurant's menu or for a special?

How many pro chefs have had to prepare a meal in a gondola lift? What would be the most extreme place or situation you have prepared a meal for guests?

What negative impact on restaurants (if any) would you say Top Chef would be considered the catalyst?
What positive influence on restaurants (if any) would you say Top Chef would be considered the catalyst?

Ok, I'm out of here got to break out 3 ingredients from a 12" think block of ice with no ice pick.
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What did you think deltadude?


I enjoyed the season although I wish Sarah would have won.  After so many strong women contestants it's a bummer that it went to a Paul, whose food didn't really excite me. 


As far as reality shows go this is one of the best.  It's entertaining, and I've learned a few things.  I don't care much for Padma or Tom's personality but his restaurant is good.  What I have learned from watching Top Chef is that being a chef is very very hard work, you can't deny how hard they bust their butts on that show which I'd say is indicative of how hard all chefs work.  I also like the contestants' reactions when a famous chef walks in to judge them or cook with them - it's nice to see such utter respect for people in their field. 

"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."


"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."

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I'm not a chef! I enjoy the show a lot because I am always learning something new.

About the winner, Paul. It was clear throughout the competition that he was the most consistent, and produced the best food overall, having won over several guest judges as well as the host judges. I think that consistency influenced the judges final decision, and arguably it should have. If I were judging I would want the winner to be consistent in order to represent the show well, instead of doing really well on one contest alone, and perhaps not being as consistent in their excellence over time.
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What do I think?

Some of the challenges are so ridiculous you have to wonder at what point these chef's start to question if the recognition for TC is worth acting like fools.

I agree the hard work required to be a successful chef is frequently demonstrated on the show, I especially liked the final challenge, it was right in the pocket of what these chefs do every day. When Paul opted to get both crab and shrimp at the market, having the shrimp as a possible backup, his decision paid off when the crab was not edible the next day. That decision saved his quest for TC.

I agree about hostess & host of the show, although Tom has the street creds for his judging, I guess Padma would qualify as a international diner growing up in several countries and living / working in multiple countries. I just feel she comes off like she popped a few downers before the show.

I enjoyed seeing Emeril as a regular in this season, although he didn't seem as relaxed or natural compared to his former show Emeril Live!

Paul Qui was the soft spoken very likeable chef who just consistently cooked good food. Sarah Grueneberg's bullying of Beverly Kim made anything Sarah was cooking not as appetizing. In the end like most reality shows TC is more about personalities than exciting elevated cuisine, Paul's personality was more appealing than Sarah's. Too bad Sarah didn't realize that the TC brand would rather be associated with a nice fairly humble guy who worked well with the other chefs avoiding most of the image damaging pitfalls that trapped the others, verses her intense personality. If the show was truly about the final challenge Sarah should have won, her meal was described as flawless, more complete, she pushed the envelope, and tasted better.

The funny part is that if both chef's restaurants were within walking distance of each other, I would choose Sarah's over Paul's, her food is the kind of food I enjoy.
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I enjoyed this season of Top Chef.  Thought Beverly was pretty quirky, from day one, but totally bullied by several others.  Last few challenges were just plain silly!?!  Cooking in a cold, rocking gondola?  That whole ice block thing... as food items were chiseled out, obviously not frozen rock hard like they would be if actually FROZEN in block of ice?  And the x-country skiing and target shooting... really?  Think both Sarah & Beverly said they's never skied before?  Odds are, they would have been horizontal a lot more time than vertical!  And target shootiing... couldn't really tell how far away the targets were... know nothing about shooting, but know they'd have to be pretty darn close for me to hit even one?  If Sarah had won, would have felt Paul had been ROBBED... he deserved to win.

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