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After cooking so much recently for events with our Pakistani-American fusion style I needed to get back to my roots.  My dinner consisted of Basmati Rice piled high with smoky Tandoori Meatballs (I don't have a Tandoor Oven unfortunately so it's a custom spice blend I've created that gets the smoky feel quite close) and a rich tomato based sauce with a side of Raita (yogurt sauce).  Unfortunately local cucumbers weren't looking so great so I went with cilantro in the Raita instead.

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Lentil Soup

Kale/ Carrots/ Mushrooms/ Leftover Rice

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Bacon wrapped filet mignon, with fresh green beans ( blanched, then cooked in a pan with garlic + olive oil ) & corn on the cob.

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Pasta with refrigerator sauce, salad and sautéed asparagus.
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Spaghetti with fresh sage from the garden, homemade pancetta, garlic, cherry tomatoes and olive oil.


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Bone in chicken breast
orange juice
brown sugar
basting liquid:
orange juice
rice wine vinegar



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Made some pizza dough and got some great imported buffelo mozz, olive oil, sliced tomato basil, and anchovie. Ahh pizza, with a nice green salad and a bottle of Cakebread cab ive been saving since 97.
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Pizza, me too. One with tomato sauce and mushroom; one with garlic oil, fresh tomato, oven dried tomato, and dried salami. Both had blend of mozzarella, aged provalone and Pecorino Romano.
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The tomatos were perfect, homemade tomato, oregano bread, and smoked inner loin of beef.
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Originally Posted by Lagom View Post

The tomatos were perfect, homemade tomato, oregano bread, and smoked inner loin of beef.

that looks really tasty

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Perilla and cucumber salad with crabmeat and gochujang - and lots of flying fish roe!

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Stir fried green beans & chicken with oyster sauce, steamed brown basmatti.

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Swabian-Hall pork neck BBQed over cherry wood, roast potatoes, roma salad, sage vinaigrette:


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Le pigeon. Super underwhelming.
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Fried piroshki :)


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It was mothers day here in Sweden yesterday, this bottle went well with the carryout pizza and salad. My last bottle of 97, a sad but tasty day.
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We had "Angry Chicken" today - I put a cut up chicken in a marinade of hot sauce, Greek yogurt, onion and garlic powders, smoked salt, black pepper, soy, oyster  and worcestershire sauces over night.  It's raining today so I baked it then finished it under the salamander.  My plate - wings and saddle 


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It has been a while since I kept a chicken whole, and not cut out the backbone for stock. The parson's nose can be quite a tasty treat on a roast chicken.



Food nourishes my body.  Cooking nourishes my soul.
Food nourishes my body.  Cooking nourishes my soul.
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The "saddle" has everything I like - skin, the oysters, a little white meat and the pope's nose.  That and the wings are my favorite parts.  I did save the breast cavity for stock though.  

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Took a couple pounds of razor clams out of the freezer and made chowder, salad & sourdough bread.

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We had tzatziki marinated chicken breast topped with feta and calamata olives, our side was fresh sauteed spinach with butter. I didn't know that marinating the chicken in the tzatziki yogurt dill sauce would make it so tender!


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This is my tandoor.  Inside the tandoor is lamb.  :)  I also made some tandoori rotis.  It was fantastic sitting around the tandoor and eating as the bread and meat fresh as they were coming out of the oven.


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I've always had a affection for the Tandoori ideas of cooking in the ground, cooking on a stick, making fresh-baked yeast-less bread (like country biscuits) on an open fire.

Ya wouldn't know it if you talk to them, but country grill-boys and  Indian tandoori-girls have a lot in common, well except for the  beef thing.  But as long as we stick to pork or chicken or fish or venison, there might be a kindred culinary spirit there.

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Originally Posted by Balanso View Post

Fried piroshki :)



What's inside?  

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I was tired and wanting something easy so Linguini a la Carbonara with my own twist.  Thought I'd better snap this while there was still some left.


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We're in Honolulu once again and eating all the bounty of the 

Sea and Land.  Tonight is Ahi Limu Poke, Tako Onion Poke, 

Smoked Tako, leftover Huli Huli Chicken thighs that I made, 

and steamed rice with furikake and shoyu, oh and from the local farmer's market,

Japanese Cucumbers made in to a quick Kim Chee.




YUM!  This is WAY ONO!!


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Vietnamese-inspired chicken wings on napa cabbage and water chestnuts. Weather is brilliant around here, so the BBQ needs to get some exercise:

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Great looking food everyone. Especially like those Wings, Gene. 


Softshell Crab Sandwich

Watercress/ Thai Dressing/ Tomato/ Ginger Mayo/ Baguette

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Ribs, steamed corn on the cob and potatoes.  This potato recipe came from Kevin Dundon -


Peel, quarter and par boil potatoes - I did 2-1/2 lbs of Yukon Golds as we had the kids over.  Simmer them till they are just tender on the outside then drain and put back in the pot and give it a good shake you want to rough up the outsides.  Put an appropriate sheet pan on a burner and melt some duck fat then coat the potatoes with it and into a 400 degree oven giving them a turn now and then till they are crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside.  They don't have to be brown they will be crisp though and oh so good.  I highly suggest this recipe.

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Chicken Saltimbocca
Hasselback Pesto Potato
Julienne Carrot and Turnip
Fried Caper
Parm Tuille not shown
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