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meant to post this last night, put together a nice meal for my mom for mothers day. 


1st course: watermelon and goat cheese salad with basil and balsamic glaze

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2nd course: beef tartare with parmesan toast points

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3rd course, lamb chops, seared scallops, asparagus spears, roasted red pepper sauce. 

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Chorizo and chicken, with onions and garlic - slowly cooked in cider with sweetcorn and red onion (chopped small) rice. (My secret is called 'Aromat') comes in a small yellow tub and a bit of that in the rice makes it taste amazing. With Salad and crusty rolls to dip in the natural oil that comes out of the chorizo. YUMMMM :) 

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I had a cold meatloaf sandwich on multi grain ciabatta with mustard, greens and pickled jalapeno slices.  

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Went to a friend's daughters birthday party who happens to be Mexican, the party was on May 8, and holy cow that food was awesome! A chicken & cabbage soup; corn tortillas with chicken, refried beans & Spanish rice;pork carnitas; watermelon water; Horchata & Tres Le Che for dessert. This meal was especially good since I had to do no cooking! 

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Matzo lasagna.  Basically, use the matzo in place of the noodles, be a little generous with the sauce (they soak up a lot) and back as usual.


The filling was just cooked veggies in the fridge.  It's amazing how much their texture turns out like noodles.


I made a béchamel to feel like I actually cooked something.    :D

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Old school....Tuna noodle casserole, complete with crushed potato chips on top. Used a couple jars of the albacore I canned last year.

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Retired people weeknight food. Fried chicken, asparagus sautéed in chicken browning grease, and potato salad. Yum!c17eaf5715aab085b64d4437670d14da.jpg
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Super lazy, tacos!

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Tonight will be deconstructed egg rolls, peas & mac & cheese! Is anyone from Tennessee? Do you remember the Lunch Menu Man? I miss hearing his menu bit on the morning radio.

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Having had recent gum surgery,  I have been having what I call "geriatric" foods, :o like farina, cottage cheese, pudding, ice cream.


Tonight though...Baked fish with roasted jalepno sauce.


Teriyaki baked chicken with carrots, peppers.  Jerusalem Noodle Pudding, Shredded carrot salad with rice wine vinegar and sesame seeds.


Have a great weekend everyone.

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Roast chicken

roast potatoes

roast cauliflower

Sauce Béarnaise with the pan juices


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Dinner tonight.

It was all on the grill tonight. Stag sirloin with herbs de provance, unfiltered hand pressed olive oil from spain, mushrooms in clarified butter with black garlic, asparagus, sliced tomatoes and corn on the cob with black garlic and normandy butter. Add a nice 2012 temperillo, life is good.
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I need to get out of this lazy rut I have been in, tuna helper, stove top, & suddenly salad with homemade banana bread for dessert.

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St Louis Ribs smoked with oak.


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We started a new game last weekend for Compound Dinner.  We put each letter of the alphabet in a bag and someone pulled a letter (in this case C).  This week everyone had to bring a dish beginning with C.  I made mini Chicken Cordon Bleu using skinless, boneless thighs that were on sale last week.  


I trimmed them of excess fat and laid them out loosely on some cling.  Then folded up the cling to a rectangle and pounded flat to that shape.



Then I put a layer of ham and a pile of Swiss cheese, salted the ends and rolled tight in the cling.  



After an hour in the icebox I dusted in seasoned flour, then egg wash then into home made bread crumbs.  I let them rest for 20 minutes then into a 350 oven till the temp was 170f.   They were delicious I made 16 and had one left over.

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Bang Bang Shrimp and Pan Seared Salmon Fish Tacos

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Pan-fried breaded pork loin chops with caramelized carrots and onions, served with zesty lemon creme fraiche.

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Fromage fort carbonara



fromage fort mixed with a bit of hollandaise and béchamel


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Hey Mike9, check this out, got home Sunday night and started to chase my cat (for fun). Lo and behold, tripped on my dryer, fell flat on my face & received a humorous fracture! Hurts like hell!!! Not doing to awful much cooking now, just sidelines.

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Baked Ziti with Italian sausage & ricotta.

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Love ziti. Not so much as a pasta, but as a scoring opportunity in Scrabble like word games.



Food nourishes my body.  Cooking nourishes my soul.
Food nourishes my body.  Cooking nourishes my soul.
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@chefbuba do you use white wheat high fiber pasta?



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Just regular 'ol Barilla

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Today was the letter "H" day so I made "Hawg Jihad".  Pork tenderloin wrapped in pork sausage wrapped in a bacon weave.  The hot sausage one got a maple bacon weave the sweet sausage one got a straight up bacon weave.  Damn this was goooooood and seriously goes toe to toe with Beef Wellington . . . maybe edges it out by a smidgen too because - hello - there's no bacon in Beef Wellington - duh!!  :lol:  :lol:  :beer:     




Each of these came in under $10, but since it's not a complete dish I didn't feel it qualified for the challenge.  

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Looks good Mike.


Chicken & dumplings makins on the stove, getting ready to go make dumplings.

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Oh - I forgot to mention this is a "0 - Carb" item.  

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Last night I made a steak pie I found online: http://pubfoodideas.com/. Didn't take a picture, but it turned out alright. Been on a spree of cooking traditional British dishes for a while now 

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Tonight it's gonna be tandoori spiced chicken leg with egg noodles

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Haven't made an entry in a while because I'm caught up with instagraming my food. Here as some of the latest meals from my kitchen.

"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."


"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."

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Most of the time we eat some legumes before sleeping. Black, navy, lima, kidney, or pinto beans provides half of the suggested daily intake of tryptophan. Dishes like lentils are my family fav dinner.

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