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Last night was a salad - greens from the garden, macerated cherry tomatoes and lobster surimi.  Perfect for a hot day.

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Tonight had vegetarian wraps with yoghurt and raisin medleys.  Also blueberries and crackers.  

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Finished up work today about 6pm after 13 hours, showered and caught the tram to Ullevi stadium for the Bruce concert starting at 8 with the family meeting me there. Finally at 1am i got a nice size Merguez, charcoal grilled on a tiny piece of bread with a whole grain mustard and wine,straight from the bottle, as we headed back on the tram to the car. Wife drove home. It all hit the spot.
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Whole grain linguine with pesto, garlic, cherry tomatoes and mussel meat.  Really delicious and satisfying.


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Roasted paprika soup with a mescarpone/ground pepper cream.
Tasted ok but the colour was fantastic.
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Over the past few days

Stewed lamb

Traditional Cretan wedding pilaf made with goat broth and goat butter

Toast with mortadella and wilted amaranth greens

Wine braised rabbit stew

Sautéing local sausage

"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."


"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."

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Lemon and chicken liver jasmine dirty rice. 

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Picked up some Beef Barbacoa from the hot deli at the market.......It is Taco Tuesday after all. Made a couple of quesadillas with some sharp white cheddar & avocado.

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Duck, grits and bacon, glace.


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We had blue fish fresh from Cape Cod - amazing flavor.

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I used pork loin mixed with finely chopped onions , carrot and coriander , salt,and pepper...


cooked up some cabbage leaves and green onion...


then wrapped the pork mixture inside the cabbage leaves and tie with the green oninion....


steamed for 20 mins! wala! pork cabbage rolls! with some rice and some soy/fresh chilli to dip! 

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Stuffed chicken breasts with cream cheese & parsley wrapped with bacon, baked for 20 minutes
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Pasta Primavera.  My Italian isn't too good, but I'm pretty sure primavera means clean out the fridge.


If you make a pizza you can eat for a day.  If you make two pizzas you can eat for a day.
If you make a pizza you can eat for a day.  If you make two pizzas you can eat for a day.
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Today's "compound diner" was brought to you by the letter G.  So I made Gyros (yee-ro)- I made gyro meat from beef and lamb seasoned well and fresh tzatziki last night and let rest overnight.  I grill meat today, but because grill challenge is closed early it is moot point.  What ever - they were delicious and everyone said "better than restaurant".  I know because I almost grew up in Greektown in Detroit.  Picture of leftover maybe if I remember. . . . oopa!!!

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A neighbor and I helped my son rebuild his antiquated grey water system today - mmmmmm - lets just say - thank God for excavators.  Afterwards I went to the store to get a 30 pack for us for the weekend and decided to make burgers on the grill for everyone so . . . .   


I ground some $2.99/lb top round and some bacon trim and made burgers with 'murican cheese, caramelized onions and garlic dill pickle slices.  They tasted so fresh it doesn't really get any better unless I had used chuck, but that's $5.99/lb this week and sirloin is $6.99/lb.  Gotta go with the flow as they say and it's flowing good now.  

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NY's, baked potato & salad.


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Catch of the day.  Porgy, scup, whatever its called.   Dredged in potato flour and deep fried in a wok.  Glazed with honey and stir fried ginger, garlic, scallions, soy.  Fried plantains


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Yesterday was brought to you by the letter Q so I made shrimp and quinoa.  It's a spin on shrimp and grits.  I made a fumet of shrimp shells, onion, celery, jalapeno, garlic, white wine, water, hondashi, miso and lobster base.  I cooked the quinoa in that along with leak, red pepper, jalapeno, and garlic.  I sauteed the shrimp that were marinated with garlic, peperoncino, olive oil and a little lobster base.  I gotta say everyone came away with a different view of quinoa and it was quite delicious.  A quite pic before the party (granddaughter's 7th).  


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Sometimes simple stuff is the best.  Like when you find the perfect sweetest summer corn and throw it on the grill.  I like to take the husk off except for 2-3 layers.  Never mind the silk.  Indirect heat till its about half done.  Then you can take the silk out.  Apply your butter put the husk back on loosely and put it on directly over the coals until its charred on all sides but not burned.  Don't let them pop too much either or they lose the juicyness.


Grilled corn, garlic butter, cotija cheese, a squeeze of lime


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I made home made pizza for my dinner. its a 4 cheese pizza.. 


garlic spread

then cheddar cheese

next is quick melt cheese

mozzarella cheese

a slice of cream cheese for each slice.

and for the finale.. parsley on the top.


yum yum

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We're tired from a busy weekend and start of week and I pretty much hate anything takeout around here so as the saying goes: "suck it up buttercup"  I made carbonara and boy am I glad I did.  So simple - 4.5oz of Barilla "white fiber" spaghetti, bacon, two eggs + one yolk (fresh today), some parmigiano, and lots of black pepper - what's not to like?  I garnished with grated pecorino, some "saw dust" and some fresh basil.  So delicious and as I said - so easy.



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Lobster is less than half the price of steak so..


Miso compound butter grilled lobstah


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Yup - shedders are $5.99/lb here - how are they there?

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$4.99 a pound!  This is my 'budget' option for protein now haha

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I can barley buy ground chuck for $4.99lb!

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We have a glut of tomatoes, garlic and basil right now so yesterday I sliced garlic for infused olive oil, then added some to sliced tomatoes along with some salt and basil.  I let that do its thing then pressed it through a sieve.  I added enough grated parm to stiffen the mix up then brushed some Joseph's Pitas with the oil, added the sauce, topped with fresh mozzarella, garlic slices, bacon and anchovies the ran them under the salamander till crisp on top then put them on the flat top to crisp the bottoms.  Man these are the best tasting pizzas I've made in a long time the freshness is illuminating.


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Tacos tacos tacos.  That's what I'll name my food truck.  Why pay $11/lb for skirt steak when I can get lobster for $5?


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Please share the recipe! I love anything with shrimp and lemon. Risotto is fun.

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Dinner last night was moose top round steak cooked in a cast iron grill pan. Season salt on moose steaks, olive oil, grind of pepper. Into a smoking hot skillet, cooked on one side about 3 minutes, turned over and set grill press on top of steaks to finish cooking. Took steaks out to rest. Turned heat off. Added a few glugs of red wine to pan and  let residual heat boil down wine. Cut steaks into thin slices on the diagonal, meat was perfectly cooked with medium rare center. Added a little butter to the pan, drizzled over steak slices. Moose is a very lean and sweet mild game meat. Served with a blue cheese salad with greens from my garden and had raspberry creme brulee for dessert. Picking lots of raspberries up here right now. 

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I made lobster salad today with fire roasted fresh corn  for "lobster pitas" - awesome.  Will get pics tomorrow when we have the leftover.  

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