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WANTED!!! Pastry Chef!

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Hello Everybody! 

I`m struggling to death to find the professional pastry chef to work in Minsk for at list half a year! !!!! 

Minsk is the capital of Belarus) for those who is not aware))

We are entering a new level in pastry production! we need talanted pastry chefs who will stay in Belarus to build up the production, so for those who have a clue or who is ready to help just call!! +375296481988 Elizabeth

Surely we guarantee you a good salary!





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Dear Maddam ,

This is in response to your advertisement . I am
very much interested in the position of Pastry-baker production development. I do believe I have the skills and competencies to successfully fulfill your requirements.

I feel confident that I could be a valuable asset to your company and I look forward to an interview where we could further discuss my qualifications in detail. Please call me at the following mobile number , or leave a message, to arrange an interview.


I would like to send you all my credentials and details, could you be so kind if interested ,to send me your direct e-mail address.


Thank you for your consideration.




Alessandro URILLI

Executive Pastry-Bakery product manager

skype; colsereno

google: urilli Alessandro

facebook: Urilli Alessandro

Linkedin ; Alessandro URILLI

+39 339 1742739

+39 0774 312698

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that`s my Email!


I`ll be delighted to recieve anything from you!!


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Dear Alessandro!


I`ve posted the email address/ You can send there your personal CV and the gallery of your works, probably more wide one. 

We are going to specialize on the desserts and cakes so we ll be glad to enjoy your perfect works!)





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Dear Elisabeth,


I just posted to you some information , I hope are usefull for your ideas.


kind regards


Alessandro Urilli

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Privet Elizabath)

I am wondering if there is any work in Minsk for talented European Chef?

Is your business a bakery?

thank you

Ronan Flanagan

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