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Popovers - fried?

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Hi everyone,


When I was young out family spent several Sunday mornings trying to duplicate the "popovers" my father had in France while in WWII.  He was adamant that they were fried not baked, and that they turned over in the frying process because of the air pocket in them.  


My father was not ignorant about food, he was a USDA processing/import inspector and not only knew about American food, but foreign food.  He swears his popovers in France were fried.


He never succeeded in making them, and since my mother had fits over the mess, the experimenting did not continue very long.


Does anyone know if this was a figment of his imagination?  Could it be he ate something else and thought it was a popover?   A few years ago I thought I just had to have popovers, and I bought a pan for it.  But I didn't like the result, it tasted "eggy" to me and not in a good way.   (I don't care for Yorkshire Pudding either, same reason).   Sold my popover pan (a good cast iron one) and never missed it a bit.


I've long wondered about this.  I'd appreciate anyone who might have some info about it, especially someone familiar with street vendor food in Nice or thereabouts.



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Probably one of the regional variations on beignets.

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Would they turn over while cooking?   I always thought they were kind of like a donut, only a rectangle with cruchy sugar on the outside.   I have not had one anywhere, though.  Thanks for the thought.


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They are made many different ways with name variations and seasonings.


As to rolling over, I don't know.

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