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Hello all. I have a family of six and I am a self taught cook picking up tips and techniques on the cooking channel. I cook anything from roast, chicken, pork, etc. Pretty much anything all different ways. My husband bought me a cooking set that costed $129 last year for my birthday and its already scratched up and the black coating it is coming off. Is there any cooking ware that will last along time, wont stick and cooks evenly? Please me. Tried of bad cookware.

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In my opinion, the better cookware is not coated for non-stick. You want the pan and food to sear well together and generate fond in the pan for flavorful sauces, gravies, roasts and such. 


The exceptions are delicate foods like eggs and fish that will break apart easily. I like non-stick for that, though cast-iron does pretty well too.


Reading between the lines of your post, it sounds to me like you're fiddling with the food while it cooks too much. Meat and vegetables will release from a metal pan when they're cooked on that side, needing only the some light coaxing from a turner/spatula.  Member boar_d_laze gives some good instructions in this post on cooking a steak about all this.


Clad pans are the best for general cooking in this manner. We can go into selections and specifcs more after you tell us more about your technique, desires and budget.



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A lot of the discussion in this cookware topic will also apply in your case. 

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