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Altho I suppose if you are wanting to have your (I am calling them Whoopie Pies) copy creation mirror the bakery's you will have to purchase the donuts from there.

Speaking of the bakery.... have you thought to just ASK for the recipe?


Yes, I get the donuts from there but they never have day old glazed on their 1/2 shelf- now I know why :)


I actually told them my children and I were trying to make them but they didn't offer a lot of help so I've just been researching and experimenting. I'm really getting close.

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After finding that donut crumbs are used and seeing that corn syryp is used, I have come up with an idea. Maybe they are just donut crumbs, oats and raisins held together with corn syrup. Kind of like Panmelati or cake balls. The corn syrup would be cooked, to soft ball stage at least, then everything added. When cool enough, formed and chilled until firm, (perhaps baked) then filled. 

Never even considered this. I'm not sure I would know how to make them this way :(