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Roast Beef

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What cut do you use for roast beef?   I use clod hearts, Bottom rounds, Top Rounds, Never been satisfied with any of them.   Just wonder what everyone uses?

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I've mostly seen 109's.

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For long, moist methods, either chuck (shoulder) or short ribs are the way to go. Oxtail and shank are also fantastic. For hot oven roasting to temp, definately standing rib (prime rib, ribeye). There really isn't a bad cut anywhere on a steer, as long as it was raised properly. Round is by far my least favorite of all beef parts, however. What the hell is a clod?

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I roast a couple of inside rounds every week, roast @ 350, pull at 115, perfect MR after it sits for a bit. I use it cold for sands, tatses great, tender, ecconomical at about $2.60 lb, very little waste.


Clod comes from the shoulder.

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