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Hello Peoples! :D

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Hello everyone! I'm Jordan, 21, and I'm an aspiring professional chef. I'm from California and I've always been interested in cooking and what not, I decided that I should finally just jump right in and take it serious rather than keep thinking about it. After a few successful dishes lately, I thought a forum would definitely be a good help for future questions, recipes and help on further pursuing my career. :cool.gif

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Aloha and Welcome Jordan to Chef Talk. 

This is a fabulous place to connect with people who are involved with food in one way or another. 

The membership is from all around the world. 

It’s kinda’ cool to share ideas with somebody half way across the globe. 

Feel free to look around; the Professional forays are for those who are in the industry, so Home Cooks like me are asked to read only. 

The Photo Gallery is super, and the Reviews and Articles are note worthy as well. 

If you have questions try the FAQ or you can PM a Moderator. 

Most of all, have a good time!

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