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Hello, new to forum

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61 year old student of cooking. Head cook for Mark's Kitchen & Smokin' BBQ. Last year 5th overall as Rookie team in Calif BBQ Association, Team of the year. Certified BBQ Judge thru the Kansas City BBQ Society. But most often cooking at home. Have been cooking since about 7 when my mon started me off prepping until she got home from work. Never stopped my enthusiastic pursuit of betterment in the kitchen. I enjoy all aspects of food prep, from shopping to clean up. I have volunteered at Ramikins cooking school in Sonoma for about a year. Taking a year off competing in BBQ to save some money for my wifes dream trip to Italy this Oct. Me for the food, here for the history.

I make a living as a Cardiology tech for the past 30 + years.


Hope to spend some quality time here. Hope I can add something to the discussions at times.




"We're Just Cookin' Here"

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Aloha, Welcome Mark ! 

So glad that you’re here, it sounds like

you’re a little more than an “at home cook”. 

It must be exciting to judge Q,

volunteer at Ramikins and work? 

MAN ! You are busy…

I hope that you’ve had a chance to look around, we are diverse here at Chef Talk.  Check out the Gallery, Articles and Reviews and if you have questions you can PM to one of Moderators. 

Have a blast !!

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kaneohegirlinaz, Thank you for the warm welcome. Hope this day brings the joy of cooking to you.



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