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Ladyfinger sponge

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Can I make this with the plain sponge method, or do I have to use a seperated sponge method?


I gotta make a bunch, and could use the saved time.

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It's the whipped egg whites that give the fingers their lift. Genoise would be too heavy and dry.

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Genoise is cake.. not the same.  I made chocolate lady fingers using Jacques Torres recipe and they were great..

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 have that recipe Prettycake and yes....t works well.  If you were try to make in Angel Food then using that batter to make ladyfingers might not work, but with regular sponge it should.

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I was thinking purely in terms of mixing method, not formulas or proportions. Obviously, you wont end up with a lady finger if you use a genoise ratio no matter how you mix it. I was just hoping that I could use the ladyfinger amounts but mix it as if it were a genoise and still have a same or similar product.

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I've made some that have come close and worked fine for a tiramisu just look at what you are using it for.  worst case make a small test batch it should take you 30 min and you'll know

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