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What to do with 24 pounds of them? lol. Marshmallows are just something I haven't worked with. I know multiple ways to make desserts with them, but I'm looking to apply them into a dish. Any ideas? 

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24 pounds? Wow.


Short of the nearly endless dessert possibilities, I have rarely seen marshmallows used in dishes. The only dishes that I have seen them used seems to involve sweet potatoes. However, those sweet potato recipes always seem to work best around the holidays (when people are okay with loading up on unhealthy food).


My suggestion...find some local kids groups and donate them for roasting or crafts...or start making desserts.

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That sure is a lot of marshmallows - especially since they are mostly air.  I have made both marshmallow ice cream and a toasted marshmallow sauce before.  Either would pair well with a chocolate or peanut butter dessert.  Or maybe a big batch of rice krispie treats for your staff.

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