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Pomegranate dessert

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Hi there
I'm new here and the reason I got in is because I like cooking and always looking for ways to make whatever I'm making healthy with less calories and costs and I happened to wnting to try out making this dessert hich its main ingredient is Pomegranate and it's about three layers, cake pieces for base, firmcream for a second layer and top with mixed jello over jewels of pomegranate fruite .. anyone iterested?


Okay, I've made a deep search and found out many ways of making the cream layer which called for horrible amounts of pretty fatty ingredients such as heavy cream, whip-cream, custard mix, and whole-fat milk in order to make a thick creamin which would get firmer when chilled in fridge. I'm not convinced tha it needs all what I mentioned above just to make a nicely firm sweet tasting cream!!  I consider it too much and the dessert was probaly made by no experts.We could use just Custard mix and heavy cream, you know .... in order to make it firm and nice. Some others made it with condenced milk and cream cheese only but I could see rsults weren't all that good not in taste nor color.

So, is there anybody who likes deserts and love making them who could help me out here. I already did buy the heavy cream, whip cream and custard mix .... should I give it a try and see how things would turn out since I have them or follow my idea of using what I think would give me a nice layer of thick firm cream after it's been chilled, of course!?


I'll be waiting for the reply snce I got nothing to rotten here hahaha except for losing freshnss of my two pomegranates :) ... till then .........

See Ya

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No replies! :) That's okay!

I'll make it with whipped cream and custrd mix with whole fat milk and will get back to you to let you know of results. If nice and good .... I'll sure write the recipe down to to you all to give it a shot!

Tanks to he 11 number people who passed by. I appreciate it.

Be back in a few!

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What about greek yogurt lightly sweetened? Its thick enough to mimic pastry cream/whipped. I use it to replace cream based things at home quite often. 

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Basically you are asking for a cream type filling with fewer calories.  That's not an uncommon request.  Maybe try the custard mix with nonfat milk?

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