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Coffee Shop baking

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Hello! I just found this site and I'm so excited. Right off the bat I have a few questions for you seasoned professionals.


I work in a coffee shop that has three locations. We want to switch to fresh baked pastries instead of the ones we get shipped in by our food service vendor. We started doing our own scones a few months ago and they've gone really well. The next step is muffins and cinnamon rolls and I'm at a loss as to how to store them. 


For the muffins, the current recipe I'm using has butter, baking soda and baking powder. Is it better to refrigerate this kind of recipe, freeze it (both before baking) or does it work best to bake enough for a week and then freeze the baked muffin and thaw them out in the mornings? 


We'd really like to attempt cinnamon rolls as well. If I make the dough before hand, let it rise once, portion it off into the individual rolls and refrigerate it, could it be baked every morning by each store? What else would be involved in baking every morning? do they need to come to room temp before baking? I'm completely inexperienced when it comes to yeast breads so I appreciate all input. 


Thanks so much! 



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I'm not a pro, but also a home cook. I make tons of cinnamon rolls and gift them at christmas time. What I do is bake them and freeze them. They defrost quickly on the counter (within an hour) and can be reheated and frosted before serving. 

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Thanks. That does seem to be a common idea. Do you have any idea how long they keep in the freezer?

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At the place I intern at they freeze the loaves, its the same bread they use to make all the white breads for subs, and they freeze the dough into logs. For the rolls she defrosts them and then proofs them. They are massive rolls, the size of your head, she only makes six of them a day since it is a pizza place but that is her method, freeze the dough, defrost, let it rise, cut and form, rise some more then bake. You could freeze them cut but I wouldn't store more than a few days worth, fresh made are the best in my opinion.

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For the muffin batter--it isn't a good idea to try to refrigerate the uncooked batter and bake from it throughout the week. The leavening agents that make the batter rise (baking soda and baking powder) start reacting as soon as the liquid is added to the dry ingredients. They will be "spent" after leaving the batter sitting around in the refrigerator for any length of time and your muffins will not rise.

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