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Lidia's Chicken Trombino, adapted

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I watched Lidia Bastianich cook Chicken Trombino the other week and thought it looked pretty suited to a two-burner camp stove.

Certainly you could use turkey, pork or even veal and end up with something delicious. I had most of a raw pork sirloin tip roast left over that I sliced thinly before leaving on my trip. And I packed some canned crushed tomatoes, dry seasonings and some pecorino romano instead of the provola. Is it still Chicken Trombino? No, not really, but the concept and techniques used are adaptable and versatile.

And I had some extra wheel and penne pasta from past trips to use up for the pasta here.

I opted to add some sliced garlic as well since I was working with dried and canned ingredients and wanted a flavor punch.

I started the water heating for pasta. When the water boils, add the pasta, and then start on the rest of the dish. You can prepare it and cook it in about the same time as it takes the pasta to cook.

Season the cutlets with salt and pepper.


Dredge in flour, shake off and add to a hot oiled pan. You don't want to generate a lot of surface color and with pork you don't need to hit 160 for doneness so this was pretty brief, and there's still some short braising to come.

I put the cutlets in the lid while I started the sauce. In the remaining oil, I added the garlic, stirred, then added the canned tomatoes. Season with the oregano and basil, salt and pepper and mix. Return the cutlets to the sauces and cover. Add some cheese if you like for the last little bit of cooking.


The pasta is finishing up.


And the final plating, which is pretty sloppy, but I was starving.

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That's Camp Cooking?

Man, I wouldn't mind one bit to sleep on the ground if you gave me THAT!!!

Delicioso!!  Mangaimo!!


edit: I forgot to add I LOVE MISS LIDIA!!!

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