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OK so as you read in the title you know what this is about.


i will give you some background on me

-i have boon cooking competitively since i  was 13 i am currently 16 and in my second lat year of high school

-i received third in my last competition and was suppose to move on but i got injured :(

-i loved making chocolate mouse and working with chocolate

-i wish to have a carer as a chocolatier 

-i wish to become a master chocolaitier attending a guild in Europe

-i am Canadian and need to decide what i am doing very soon (3 months)


so i have hear about these guild i would love if some one could assist me on

what they are exauctly

how much they cost

how you enter 

how you find them


and or maybe if there is a better equal option 


if you need more information please let me know


thanks mates