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Catering Name. HELP !

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Hey all,

I'm Courtney , 20 yrs of age. My mother and I are trying to start a catering business. We only have a month in advance to figure out a name for this business. So far we have, basically, the southern Comfort style, definitely home cooking. We are trying hard to find out a good clever name. Something catchy apparently. HELP PLEASE.

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what were you thinking?

southern comfort style......casual? what type of service? is this off site or onsite? the more info you provide the better.


cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Sweet Home (Alabama) Catering...........

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It's not that exciting, but I'd go with something like "Comfort Catering" - short, easy to say (think about answering the phone all day with your chosen name) and most importantly the name should immediately evoke a feeling for what your business does.



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Good Foods?

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