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this week

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what is everyone up to this week - anything new in the culinary world?

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This week is busy for me.

An anniversary dinner tonight, a birthday party at noon on Thursday, birthday dinner that evening, A brat's n' beer party on Sunday for 50 ppl, followed by 40 pastries created, decorated and boxed to fly out on Monday morning.


Tonight's party is a re-creation of the wedding night 39 years ago in a Detroit Greek restaurant. Scordahlia, with pita points, Roasted beets, Aveglolemono soup, a small Greek salad, Lamb Shish Kabob with Rice Pilaf and Blackberry sorbet with a fan cookie.


Birthday dinner is just Bone-in Ribeyes on the grill with pomme frites and asparagus. Escargot in a bread thimble as an hors, and a Bibb lettuce salad with tomato and avocado.


Brat party has me making potato salad, grilled vegetable salad, baked beans, condiments, buns from scratch, and a ice cream brownie sundae bar.


The desserts I will be sending with be ganache covered golden gran marnier cake with the seal of the law school affixed in edible ink.


Lots to keep me busy.  Hope to take pictures to publish.

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Sounds great; please do post pictures

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