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fruits mousse cake

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IQF raspberry..

is it possible to sprinkle the frozen raspberry into the fruits mousse cake?

how come the cake will leak and the sprayed chocolate on the cake will flakes off?

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Previously frozen raspberries are much more likely to give off moisture as they thaw, than fresh raspberries.  If you don't have the option of using fresh, you may want to cook them slightly in a compote to bind some of the moisture before layering them in the cake.

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Oh thank you so much ... But i was thinking why last time the cake was okay. Trying to change the recipe, as like increase the amount of gelatin , but i think maybe of the gelatin and it coz the cake string , so it make the sprayed chocolate flakes off.
Usually the sprayed chocolate flakes off problem only happened in fruits mousse cake .
Should i stop spraying chocolate on fruits mousse cake ? smile.gif
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