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Good day, knife gurus.


Spent a couple of days familiarizing with the subject, but did not came to a final conclusion. Please, recommend me a decent 240mm wa-gyoto. I know you can.


Here are my needs:

1) Budget. About 200-300$. Not a critical factor, but less is better of course.

2) Usage. Every day cooking for a family. A "workhorse".

3) Sharpness. I'm a "moderate knife lover" and I know what is a high carbon knife gliding through the food. I'm not going to do tricks with it like shaving, or cut tomatoes with its own weight, but it must be definitely SHARP. And I'm ready to spend 10-20 minutes in a month to resharpen it. So the edge must decently retain its sharpness.

4) Treatment. I'm able to save it from falling or dishwashing machine, but have no time to "pet" it before or after each use. 


There is a question on edge fragility. I'm not going to cut frozen chikens in half, but I also do not want to be afrad that my 300 bucks blade will be ruined after I cut a fish backbone or cartilage in meat. Would it be reasonable to choose "true" japan white/blue steel knife? Or my choise is only stainless (semistainless?) knifes?


These are the blades that I bookmarked:

Masamoto KS Wa-Gyuto

Richmond Addict 2

Konosuke HD Wa-Gyuto

RYUSEN Tsuchime Damascus Series

JCK Aogami Super Custom Damascus Wa Series



Thanks in advance.