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Popsicles proper texture

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I have some great recipes but I can not seem to get the right consistency for the popsicles (small delicate needles tightly layered on each other instead of larger ice crystals breaking apart)


I have read about stabilizers that help when making ice cream but not sure if that will help.


I'm using my home freezer so I am sure it is not cold enough and they don't freeze fast enough - so I had thought maybe freezing the mixture for 20-30 minutes then breaking that up in the vitamin and then putting it into the molds?


Am i better off using simple syrup or granulated sugar --- that said should I be using glucose or dextrose instead?


Any and all suggestions are appreciated!!! 

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Hi.  I am in the exact same place as you describe--great recipes/ideas yet problematic outcomes in regards to texture, ice and consistency.  I have been trying to make sense of which stabilizers I should try as everything 'published' is in regards to ice creams and sorbets.  I am also using a home chest freezer and I know I am not going to get the 'perfect' pop until I have a method for faster freezing.  I am wondering what if any solutions you have found?  I have some samples of stabilizer mixes on the way, and I will let you know the results as soon as I have them.  Let me know if you would like to message privately about more details.  Thanks! 

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faster freezing method shouldn't matter. I think the problem you're having is the mixture not moving while freezing. Try giving the mold a shake or using an ice cream maker until you have a slush with small crystals and then pour it into your molds.

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I finally broke down and got a "real" machine....but yes I'd be more than willing to swap war stories and let you learn from my mistakes....

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Just shot you an e-mail...

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