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Hello all,
My name's John. I just completed my externship for culinary school and will be graduating on Monday with my Diploma. I'm continuing on, taking one class here and there till I get my Degree.
I just came out of a nearly 15 year career in architecture and decided to finally go for my dream of owning a small bistro. Going back to school at 32 was quite a trip, but it's been manageable and now I'm finally done (for the most part). I'm now 34 and am planning to achieve my goal of opening my doors within the next one to two years. I'm currently working for a country club who's executive chef is about to take his master chef exam so needless to say I'm getting some quite hefty on the job experience that I can hopefully carry with me to my own business.
That's about it, in a nutshell. Glad I found this place. There are so many resources here I've found useful already.
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Aloha John, we're glad you found Chef Talk, Welcome!
Wow, I give you huge credit for jumping in feet first to achieve your dream, I wish you all the luck in the world. You're still young enough to endure the grueling schedule that you will face.
The very diverse membership is extremely helpful, so anywhere you find an interest or question, feel free. If you have any problems you can PM to any of the Mods for assistance. As one who is not employed in the industry, I can't participate in any of the Pro forums, so don't forget about the other threads, as well as the Articles and Galleries.
Break a leg!!
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Well thank you much!
The grueling schedule isn't all that bad, although I've had to cut back. I worked from the beginning of January to last Tuesday at two jobs, seven days a week, 65-70 hours a week. Had to make the decision to cut back a little due to marital and health issues.
I'm loving the ride so far though. It's a dream come true.
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Right on braddah!
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