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Hey there...20 years in the biz, mostly FOH professionally, but lots of BOH experience with a burning desire for a BOH kingdom.  Recently granted my wish, am chefing at a marina restaurant in Southern Maryland for the summer.  Easy, tasty family-style menu with a Mexican bend (salsas, queso, seafood nachos, fish tacos, as well as the normal stuff - fresh fish specials, fried shrimp, hand cut fries, crab cakes, balls, dip,'s Southern Maryland)  Also have a lot of liberties with specials, salsas, Soup of the Day, etc... Excited to turn my new awesome little kitchen into a well-oiled machine, and looking forward to all the resources this site seems to hold, as I need a little help with methods, equipment, holding, etc.      Thanks in advance for your help, and wish me luck!



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Aloha MaryJane, welcome to Chef Talk
I have in laws in Maryland, love the food there! Loads for seafood, myself, I'm a Home Cook from Hawaii, so I know my fish!
I think you'll really like it here, the membership of over 39,000 are great, I've learned so much here. The Articles, Reviews and Galleries are very interesting, you might want to take a look at the Search bar at the top of the page for past threads as well as the Special Guests discussions. If need be, you can PM to a Mod for help.
You go girl!
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thank you!

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