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need advice

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Considering that you have to answer to the sous chef, I would listen to him. In my kitchen, I have to answer to nobody even though I'm the sous because me and my head and the other sous help each other out tremendously and allow each other the opportunity to do anything any of us want to. We don't go by titles because we act as a team together. It's really nice to be able to have that. In other kitchens I worked in, someone always had to make it clear who was boss and put fear into everyone and didn't allow for any new ideas. 


When you work in a kitchen where people have issues and power trips, it's best to just do what they say because in the end, it's their ass on the line and it all comes down on them. HOWEVER if you see something that can hurt someone or is unsanitary, it is best to just take it up with the manager right then and there and confront whoever is in charge in the back of the house going against the rules. Let them two be miserable and do what they say. At the end of the day, only one or the other is actually better but in this industry there are thousands far greater. 

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