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Just a couple questions (I'm from Canada so I want to make sure I have everything correct)


- Does it matter what % of milk you use

- By a "stick" of butter, do you mean half a cup?

- Do you use salted or unsalted butter?

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Baked goods made with whole milk taste richer, and less "watery." Skim milk behaves badly. Low-fat is OK, but just OK. Save it for something else. Of course, if you keep cream in the refrigerator you can always mix it with low or non-fat milk to make up the difference.

There are four sticks to a pound of butter. A stick of butter is 8 tbs or 4 ounces.

I usually bake with unsalted butter, and add salt to taste. That said, many sweet goods could use a little salt and salted butter is hardly extreme. If you only have salted butter in the house, use it instead of making a panic trip to the store. On the other hand, I'd make the drive for whole milk, if all we had was non-fat.

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