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Hi From the UK

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My name is JD and I am a Head Chef in the UK!  Iv'e been cooking for 17 years and thrive on my work.  Thought I would join ChefTalk to meet Chefs from all over the globe as I love working with new styles and strive to better the end of the day we are all Commis!  Hope to hear from anyone very soon..Thankssmile.gif

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Aloha, Welcome JD to Chef Talk, and you're right, this is great place to connect with not only Pros but Home Cooks such as myself. I think that the Articles, Reviews and Gallery are fabulous. Feel free to join any of the conversations or start one of your own. Should need assistance you can always PM to one of the Mods.
Above all else, have fun!
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A warm welcome to you! ;)


Where are you in the UK...I'm in East Sussex?:)

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